Are you hearing strange noises coming from your aircon? This could mean that a part needs to be replaced, so your aircon might be due for a chemical overhaul, a comprehensive cleaning method that goes beyond the basic cleaning and chemical wash. A chemical overhaul for aircon involves dismantling the unit and washing aircon parts with chemicals to remove the dirt and grime from the water tray. Our service engineers will ensure total clearance of clog while checking and testing electrical parts and components. This service also includes lubrication of motor parts and heat timing calculation.
  • General Cleaning Service (Faceplate/Cover cleaning, Filter Net Cleaning, Middle Frame Cleaning, Outlet Part Cleaning, Louver Cleaning, Evaporator Surface Cleaning, Fan Blower Cleaning, Base Cleaning, Gas Coolant Checking, Gas Refill (R22 Gas up to 20psi) & 30-day Workmanship Warranty)


  • Chemical Washing Service (Water Drainange System Cleaning, Chemical Cleaning of indoor & Outdoor Unit, Inspection and Health Check of Thermostats and Outdoor Compressor & Flushing of Drainage Piping and Drain Pan)


  • ​​Full Dismantling and Detail Cleaning

  • Total Clearance of Clog

  • Checking and Testing Electrical Parts Components

  • Lubricate Motor Parts

  • Heat Timing Calculation

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